Overview of eyes on your tray IoT project

This semester, I was enrolled in CS462 Internet of Things: Technology and Application at Singapore Management University (SMU). It is considered an “SMU-X” the “X” in the module stands for “EXTREME”. Just kidding, I’m not too sure what the “X” stands for but it is modules that allow students to work in collaboration with an external sponsor. Usually, these courses tend to signify a heavy workload due to the fact that we would be representing our school so the work can’t be half-baked. …

In this guide, I will be going through how to integrate an existing Android application with React Native. This might be useful if you already have an existing Android application and would like to use React Native onwards, whilst still keeping some Android modules that you have already created.

React Native has the documentation on how to integrate it but it did not really fit my use case. React Native docs.

There might be issues with the auto-linking feature if you ever face them.

The code for this project can be found https://github.com/Danial968/React-Native-Android-Integration.

The use case that I will be…


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